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At WAITONIC, we build the spirit of -IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, THEN YOU CAN- which lead us to always explore and transform our company to better and broader business lines. We will not limited ourselves at current comfort zone, but always keep on emphasize on business growth by innovative ways. As our company believed there are many opportunities right out there in different markets, as long as we always get ready and think out-of-the-box and then the success will come to knock the door.


So, we have strategic planned the roadmaps of our company in the beauty and health business, which we are currently on the right track to move forward phase by phase to bring the company to another level of awareness in the market. Certainly, the growth plan will not stop but continue to climb and reach from one peak to another peak, and another peak......




We understand that various direction of sales channels is needed to build and retain; in order to be aligned with our company expansion plan and be strong in the beauty products world.


Thus, you may find the Marketing Channels which we are focus on: